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Call for training in Turkey

Portuguese candidates! Looking for 3 participants for Training Course. WHERE: Istanbul, Turkey. WHEN: 24-31 July 2021 About project: "Combating Extremism with Youth Force" is an Erasmus+ Youth Workers Training Course. This training course aims to increase participants' understanding in this field and to explore the role of youth work in response. Costs are covered by the Erasmus+ Programme. The objectives of the training course: - To identify and understand the causes of violent extremism and radicalization, - To plan and implement activities within the framework of this understanding in joint youth organizations, - To understand the importance of dialogue on the concept of citizenship and to investigate identity problems; to find solutions to these problems, - To give youth workers the ability to identify young people at risk; equip them with educational tools that will respond to different levels of extremism and radicalization, - To help young people at risk of extremism and radicalization, using Erasmus+ opportunities to design non-formal education tools and activities and implement them in partner organizations, - To distance young people from extremism and radicalization in the target groups (locally and nationally) where the partners provide youth services. To gain social engagement. Candidates: 18-35 y.o., from Portugal, good English, interest in the topic. About place: Participants will stay in the Park Hotel Polonezköy. Rooms are arranged for 2 people in the same room from same country and gender. If you want to participate, contact us before 20 June Email: Or message

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