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DIGITAL TOOLS FOR YOUNG ARTIST.Free workshop for young Madeiran artists

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Association ARTE.M in partnership with Art Center Caravel invites to join our intensive course for young artists on


When: 18-19 March 2023 (more detailed schedule will be provided with the confirmation email)

Where: Art Center Caravel, Rua D. Carlos I, 19A, Funchal

Apply here:

We will cover the following topics:

· How to write an Artist's statement

· How to use storytelling for creative work

· Introduction to Search Engine Optimization. How to build a website and make your art works visible online

· How to take good photos of your art

· How to promote your art via social media and collective platforms

· How to value your artworks

The group size is limited, apply here to book your spot.

The participation in the workshops is free of charge. Most diligent participants will leave the workshops with an edited Artist’s statement and quality photos of the artworks. They will also be provided an opportunity to place their works on the project website and reach the international community together with young artists from other countries.

The workshops are a part of the ArtLiD Erasmus+ project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project is developed in partnership with Centrum Edukacyjne EST from Poland.

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