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Erasmus Meetup: Madeira and Guadeloupe Together

The Associação Île y a de Guadeloupe , who are our partners for the Erasmus + project "ECHOES OF THE ISLANDS: A TALE OF TWO TERRITORIES" 2023-2-FR01-KA210-ADU-000183766, have concluded their tour to Madeira.

The purpose of the project and the trip was to bring the two islands together by exploring their shared and distinct cultural history, legacy, and other aspects of life, drawing comparisons, and discovering new and interesting things that may strengthen ties between the two places.

Our two associations ARTE.M and Île y a are bound together by the same principles of work, the same profiles of participants, and even the Portuguese ancestry of some of the Guadeloupean participants, so our visit to Madeira was a success in accomplishing the seemingly impossible: getting to know each other on a personal level and holding ice-breaking sessions.

A tour of the iconic artE pORtas abErtas project, as well as artistic studios and art residences, was the first stop on an introduction to Madeira's art scene, in which our organization has a major role.

We really appreciated the exhibition of Madeira islands painters at the Caravel Art Center. 

Art therapy synesthetic session"Liquid Sounds" from the lovely bsp.performs lit up Saturday morning with music and art, as usual, unleashed a storm that simultaneously motivated, relaxed, and meditated.

Incidentally, Guadeloupe's project exhibition honoring the trip to Madeira will include the creations of this workshop. 

It was a happy coincidence that a French firm participated in the Atlantic Festival on the same day that a French firework was launched in honor of our French visitors in Funchal. It was all good fun, of course.

The following day, we persisted in our quest to familiarize ourselves with Madeira's cultural legacy in Machico. By pure chance, the annual medieval fair - Mercado Quinhentista was taking place that very day. We were treated to ancient games, traditional crafts, interviews with artisans, and historical performances, among other things.

The visits of our partners in SocioHabita Funchal E.M were always accompanied by extraordinary energy and commitment.

We stopped by the Oficina Solidaria office, a one-of-a-kind social initiative that restores and resells exquisite pieces of repurposed furniture to local families in Funchal.

While there, we met the director Carolina Homem de Brederode and crew of the Vintage shop Botao Solidario and scored some fantastic branded merchandise. We went to a Vintage store where you can purchase preloved clothing and a charity store where you can obtain iy for free.

Our journey to Quinta Falcão proceeded with a stop at the welcoming Social Community Center, where we had the unique opportunity to examine the secretly designed costumes for the Santo Antonio Marchas before anybody else in Madeira.

At a little vegetable garden, we paused. Here local kids may tend to a tree or a chicken, and we saw the ecological composting system, which is now a pioneering technique in Madeira.

Our kind hosts had a traditional meal ready for us, complete with handmade delicacies, liqueurs, and wine. In welcoming Madeira, everything is just how it should be.

A tiny art workshop brought the two islands closer together as we produced mandalas based on our shared experiences of Madeira.

Meeting with the UMAR association became more of a discussion than a visit; topics covered included social health, concerns pertaining to minorities, domestic abuse, bouncing, unemployment, insecurity, and lack of drive.

Furthermore, we were able to discuss and exchange several anecdotes. In the course of their work, all of the organizations encounter these issues often.

What's next?

We're beginning to see the big picture, which is making video tales that tell stories about our islands.

Podcasts and personal narratives from islanders and people who have a strong connection to the island, whether they were born here or just arrived. 

Defining island life, what it entails, the benefits and drawbacks, is it a life of seclusion or a paradise...

Future Plans:

This will all happen soon, but first we'll build a set of master workshops for those who want to be a part of making a "book of the islander" out of all this videography, editing, podcasting, and streamlining.

Creative Collaborations and free classes:

Master courses will be announced in the coming months; there will be no cost to

We will be building an exhibition showcasing our two islands—Madeira and Guadeloupe—in tandem with the internet platforme to make sure Guadeloupe is really that far away, however, our crew will be making a repeat visit there first.

Join Us!

In the event that you would like to take part in our endeavor.

We would be delighted to have you join us as a participant in our courses and in the creation of your own tale.


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