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Erasmus+ experience, from Madeira to on-arrival training in Porto and dinner with the President

This year, the on-arrival training for volunteers took place in the beautiful city of Porto, between 27th of November and 2nd of December. Our volunteer Kristijan took part at the six-day long activities including seminars, conferences, classes, and trainings. The stay was organised by the National Agency of Portugal and 50 participants of the European Solidarity Corps were invited.

During the activities, the participants had a chance to meet each other, spread friendships and knowledge between and outside of the group.

The first day of the conference took place in the charming Braga where they were witnesses of ten different speakers and their stories and advice regarding youth and European opportunities, and the importance of young generation in leading the country.

On that conference, the president of Portugal, Mr. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, had a closing speech and gave opportunity to the young spectators to address questions directly to him. After the closing ceremony, all the participants together with the President watched the UEFA World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay. Of course, the Portuguese win was celebrated with a cocktail dinner.

During the following days, the participants had a chance to explore and walk down the center of Porto, learn about their ESC rights and duties, connect with the National Agency, and create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

ARTE.M team

Funchal, 2022


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