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Free training course in Bulgaria.OPEN CALL


Training course for youth workers


22-29 September 2021, Pomorie, Bulgaria



Why this project?

More and more companies are recruiting online employees, this trend is estimated to increase in the coming years, leading to a situation in which online employment will tend to become the rule rather than the exception. It is crucial, therefore, to train young people in order to adequately prepare them for the changes in the labor market and to become competitive on the online labor market.

The objectives of the training course are:

1. Renewal and improvement of the competencies of youth non-profit organizations in helping young people to get a chance of being hired online and being prepared for different working conditions.

2. Increasing the capacity of non-governmental organizations to help young people increase their personal initiative for the realization of entrepreneurial ideas.

3. To provide the necessary understanding of current trends in the labor market, work from distance and the competencies it requires

4. To increase the ability of non-governmental organizations to support young people living in remote regions, as well as in smaller settlements with a poorly developed labor market, to advise them on overcoming the challenges they face when looking for a job.

5. To improve the understanding of the social, linguistic and cultural differences that occur in work online.

6. To create a more modern and professional environment in organizations: readiness to integrate new and quality practices and methods in their work.

Accommodation and food provided – accommodation in a double room, 3 meals per day, 2 coffee breaks per day

Travel costs

Event coordinators reimburse the travel to the participants afret the event. Travel costs are limited.

Anti-covid tests

Covered up to 30 euro per participant for antigen test in order to be allowed by authorities to cross the border of Bulgaria – only for participants that are not vaccinated and do not have a vaccination certificate.

If another test is needed on the way back home, the participants will need to cover the costs themselves. If the test needs to be made in Bulgaria, we will assist you to make it in a certified laboratory and negotiate on a price that is as cheap as possible.


We are looking for 2 participants from Portugal (Madeira, Azores or Continente)

As this is a training course that is meant to be useful for the participating organizations and provide them with sustainable results, the ideal participants should:

- Be staff members, volunteers, associates, members of managing bodies of a youth organization

- Be able to use the skills and knowledge gained in the daily work of the organization

- Be able to speak English well enough in order to participate in the discussions, express ideas and communicate with the other participants

- Be over 17 years old.

Each participant should confirm participation, sending to the hosting coordinator the following information:

Name and contact information (phone number, e-mail, WhatsApp/Viber/ Messenger)

Food preferences and dietary needs (if any)

Health issues and needs (if any)

Arrival and departure date and time

Accommodation preferences – please confirm whether you would like to be accommodated with another participant from your country.

Participants should be registered till August 30st 2021


The training course will be organized in Paradise Hotel, town of Pomorie, Bulgaria

You can read about the town here:

And about the hotel here:

How to reach Pomorie:

By plane: The nearest airport is Bourgas, however, the place is also accessible from Varna and Sofia. If you fly to Sofia, you will then need to take a bus to Pomorie (around 5 hours). The bus from Varna takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Burgas the bus takes around 30 minutes.

*We can help you find the suitable bus schedule and prices and also give you further advice and instructions, if you inform us about the arrival time of your plane.

By car or bus: We would also reimburse the costs of any other participant, arriving by car or bus.

*Please keep all invoices, receipts, tickets and boarding passes in order to receive your reimbursement.


In this project we will combine beach activities with working sessions indoors.

The training sessions indoors will be twice a day – from 10 am to 12 am and from 14 pm to 17 pm. The rest of the time will be busy with either team work or individual tasks according to the training program, or free time activities so that the participants can enjoy the beautiful town of Pomorie and its sea coast.


Special sections in the program that participants should be prepared for:

- Organizational EXPO: Information about the sending organization – PPoint about your projects and/or achievements, pictures, brochures, ect. – you are free to decide

- Intercultural dinner: Food and drinks from your country (not much, just samples). Please let us know in advance if we need to provide a refrigerator for your products.

Skills LAB: Each of the participating organization has a chance to present a skill/method/approach/attitude within the topic of online services and carry out a 30-minutes master-class. Please inform the organizer about the topic of your master class in advance.

More about the hosting organization:

Are you ready ??? Apply now!!!

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