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“Getting Digital".New Erasmus project in Germany. October 2022.

Another great project in Germany

Even if you don't speak can take part.

Are you Portuguese or do you live in Portugal?

You work with young people and you are over 18 and of course you are interested in the topic.

We welcome you on board! We appreciate your interest in “Getting Digital: Modern Practices in Youth Work”, a project that aims to train youth workers in the usage of modern technology in their everyday work with young people. The training activity will be implemented from 17.10. until 26.10..2022 in Nuthe-Urstromtal, a municipality located south of Berlin. In this info pack, you will find information on the project, accommodation, and hosting organization as well as travel directions.

Project description:

During our intensive training course, we would like to bring together youth workers from 9 countries and teach them about:

1) what is digital youth work, its objectives and principles;

2) how to build media and technology education for young people;

3) guidance and counselling for young people in the online environment;

4) strategic planning for digital youth work.

The objectives of the project are:

- To help organisations and youth workers to become effective in their work with young people by using digital technology in youth services;

- To help organisations to come to an understanding of the ethical issues which comes along with digital youth work;

- To teach youth workers how they can enhance young people’s media and technologyrelated skills through non-formal education activities, especially those with fewer opportunities;

- To develop and start the implementation of the strategic plans of the partner organisations in the digital youth work;

- To promote international cooperation and capacity building in the field of youth work.

The background of the participants (participant's profile):

- youth workers, youth leaders, the staff of NGOs who have direct access to our final beneficiaries group of young people to multiply new experience and skills in their communities;

- having guaranteed support from their sending organisations in the implementing future activities based on the experience gained in the TC;

- motivated to take part in the TC and to be personally interested in the topic of the TC;

- motivated to implement the experiences gained on the TC in their communities;

- motivated to build and support international partnerships which will be created during the TC with the future Erasmus+ projects; - no younger than 18 years old, no upper age limits.

Finances: The costs for the accommodation and the activities in Germany are covered by the fund of the European Commission. From our side there is no participation fee for this Youth Workers Mobility. Due to the funding of the European Commission, we will be able to assist you by contributing to the following costs. Portugal -360, Madeira island -530 euros

According to the rules of the Erasmus+ programme, we will reimburse the travel costs on the basis of the cheapest options (e.g. second class railway tickets, APEX-flights) upon receipt of complete and original tickets, invoices, bills, receipts, boarding cards etc. based on a certain “contribution to the travel costs of participants, from their place of origin to the venue of the activity and return”. This contribution is “based on the travel distance per participant. Travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission”. Please keep in mind that in the final calculation the place of origin of each participant is used to calculate the maximum contribution to the travel costs. This means that the reimbursed amount can be lower than indicated here.

If you arrive earlier or stay longer, we cannot host you free of charge. We will provide an insurance for everyone that takes part in the activities.

About the accommodation: You will be staying in Schullandheim Haus am See (youth hostel Haus am See), which is located in the village of Dobbrikow in Nuthe-Urstromtal, a municipality south of Berlin. Surrounded by nature, Haus am See is ideal for both educational projects and free time activities. You will have access to a seminar room, dining room, playgrounds, campfire areas and the near-by lake. You will share a room with maximum 3 people. There will be no gender-mixed rooms. If you have any special requests regarding accessibility, please let us know as soon as possible. The address of the accommodation: Schullandheim Haus am See OT Dobbrikow Weinbergstraße 30 14947 Nuthe-Urstromtal Website (available in German):

Meals: There will be three meals offered per day. At least one of them will be a warm dish. Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, etc.). Keep in mind: In Germany, it is common to eat a warm meal only once per day, usually for lunch. For the other meals, we eat a lot of sandwiches. You will not be able to prepare your own meals.

What to bring with you: • Passport/ID • Travel and health insurance documents • Specific medicines if necessary • Comfortable Clothes • Laptop or tablet • Flip flops etc. for the shower • Cosmetics and other things for your daily needs • Towels! Bedding will be provided • Games and music for free time • Energy and motivation! • Good mood :)

What to prepare: During the Training, you will have the chance to share with others something about your city, region or country. Thus, it would be great if you could prepare something in advance. Also you will need to present your sending organization. Travel details:

The Training will start on the 17th (arrival from 16.00) and end on the 26th of October (departure until 10.00).

After booking your trip, please let us know about your exact arrival time in Berlin so that we can prepare a specific arrival plan for you. On the day of arrival, you can reach us on this number: +49 173 4258016 (Manuela Demel, Project Manager of pewobe). Please also inform us about your exact departure time so that we can plan for that day as well. The youth hostel Haus am See is located south of Berlin in Dobbrikow, a village in the municipality of Nuthe-Urstromtal.

Are you ready, please fill out this link and good luck

The deadline for the application is October 1st...only a few days left.

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