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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Imagine, 30 young, active, athletic and inquisitive people came to visit you in the city .... just for three days .. and you want. so that they get to know and feel the city as its inhabitants... Difficult? Not if you come up with a game.

Artistic and cultural associiation ARTE.M has created a Funchal city game
Gamification in Funchal by "My Soft City: From Flâneur to Entrepreneur"

Our guests a very active and full of curiosity to learn “face to face” something completely local.The “digital” youth prefer something completely different.

2 years ago we, together with partners from France, Romania and Sweden, came up with a project. "My Soft City: From Flâneur to Entrepreneur" supported and funded by the Erasmus Plus program. And the project aims to create a virtual map, a card game, a storybook about the family and its inhabitants. These tools will allow, in the form of a game, in a quick and fun way, to discover the year and go beyond the formal guide. Because the map is created by the inhabitants of the city and the island themselves.

The objective of our Funchal stage today GAMIFIСATION is to create a virtual dialogue between Funchal residents and our young guests. Through the map and through the game, the result of our 2 year program and a recent training that brought together more 30 people from Portugal, Romania, Sweden and France.

As part of our short training (March 7th to 11th), but very intensive, we managed to carry out a “treasure hunting” in Funchal, get to know the most significant monuments, run to the City Hall courtyard, learn to make poncha , getting to know Rua de Santa Maria and the painted doors, knowing where is the best place to see the sunset, talking to the locals, learning to say I love you in Portuguese.

We have an urban sketching workshop that will allow you to quickly create art maps of the city. We design real city playing cards, which will soon become a real game and help you to know our city even better. Now, when our participants return home, they will be able to apply the Madeira experience in their countries and cities.

In addition, our participants left their words of support for the families who are now experiencing a war in Ukraine. And this contribution became part of a solidarity exhibition

“Ukraine SOS”, which was opened on Monday by Art Center Caravel with the help of our association.

What to do in Funchal in you are young
Gamification in Funchal

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