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"Ilhas -2020.Isolation" Artists of Madeira island.International call

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

For the fifth year in a row, we have been carrying out a project in our art center Caravel, which helps to bring together artists from our Madeira island and artists living abroad.

We decided to organize this season of “Islands” spontaneously. Without waiting for it to be officially announced on December 2020. We are making new islands sooner and sharper. We represent only those works that were submitted by artists who have been isolated since March 2020.

The main conditions for participation in our exhibition are:

Work must be done since March 2020. The composition is international, the age of the artist also does not matter. We are ready to accept works made by artists who worked outside our island, but only during the period of forced isolation.

Art center reserves the right to pre-selection of works. And, accordingly, refuses to accept every type of work. We also pay attention to the presence of a portfolio and a clear description of the work. The rest is quite informal and we, as an art center, are always ready to discuss details.

Basic and simple rules

• Paintings in various techniques, sculptures and art objects, installations.

• Participation is free. In the case of a sale, the art center takes a percentage of sales.

• A participant may submit an unlimited number of entries to the selection committee. However, the amount of space on the exposition is limited.

Presentation form for participation

• Photo and description of the art object (name, technique, dimensions, features (or ideas for installation)

• Cost of the work. Open financial activities required

• Biography and links to a site or social networks

• Consent in writing to create and use photographs of your objects in publications on the site, on social networks owned and used by Art Center Caravel.

• Any restrictions and conditions that the artist wants to present in connection with the installation of his work

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