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International Art Exhibition on Madeira Island this February

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

This year's International Art Exhibition “Islands Show 2023” under the theme of “Solidarity” is an event that showcases local and international artwork from around the world that will take place on Madeira Island. The exhibition will be attended by art enthusiasts from all over, who come to view the amazing pieces. The host Art Center Caravel is revealing the artists participating in the exhibition one by one, from Marcos Milewski to Pedro Alves and many more known and new artists. At this event, artists have a chance to exhibit their work on a larger scale than ever before. The opening of the Exhibition will be on 24th of February in the gallery of Art Center Caravel in the heart of Madeira, Funchal.

Major exhibitions like this give art enthusiasts the chance to explore visual art theory, as well as gain in-depth knowledge about international visual art. It also offers gallery visitors a unique and educational art experience about the theme “Solidarity” closely connected with the world situation at this point highlighting the Russian- Ukrainian war. The gallery that is hosting the International Art Exhibition has interviewed the participants and these are the key phrases that were said by the artists on the exhibition topic:

“Any solidarity action comes from empathy”- M.Milewski, “Solidarity is above anything else”-P.Alves,” We must not be ashamed to express who we are in our art”-M.Horodniczy.

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Read the Exhibition manifest HERE

Publishing and design: Kristijan Trifunovski, Art Center Caravel


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