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Open Call for Madeiran Volunteers in Italy

“Associazione Studenti per la Città” is non-profit youth organization composed of university students, high school students and young graduates who work towards the inclusion and participation of young people in university life as well as in social and cultural environment.

The association supports young students who have fewer opportunities and supplements their education with opportunities for learning both at local and international level.

Through the volunteers they lend assistance and guidance for college students, not only by organizing training courses, conferences, seminars but also through information campaigns on current topics of common interest, sports, cultural, recreation and leisure time.

In recent years, in particular, through an intense activity aimed at organizing and making information and knowledge relative to the main exchange programs of the European Community accessible, promoting international youth mobility as a key factor in competitiveness, building the path of personal growth and the realization of personal aspirations. The association operates actively throughout the province of Cagliari and also proposes activities in other parts of Sardinia.

“Studenti per la città” has been part of the Provincial Youth Council of the Province of Cagliari and working actively with the Region of Sardinia for the implementation of local and international

youth policies. Studenti per la città is part of TDM 2000 International network of youth organizations and member of CASMI, the Sardinian Committee of NGOs active in the field of

international mobility and non-formal education.


A Green Path(4)Youth: A Network Among Islands is a project which aim is to share best practices, increase skills in terms of entrepreneurship, management, ICT, marketing, sustainability in tourism and engagement of communities and find path for youth workers to propose new and innovative ways to promote an inclusive and sustainable growth. It will involve 21 youth workers from 8 countries and they will improve their work within skills related to youth work, innovation in rural tourism and models for the inclusion of disadvantaged people.

The main idea is to involve only islands to create a network of associations and young people who work for and for young people on the islands. The specific objectives of the projects will be as


 To share and exchange best practices, tools, ideas and challenges among youth workers to promote active inclusion and engagement of communities;

 To improve social entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and attitudes for the sustainable development of rural communities;

 To exploit and capitalize tourism as development economic opportunity supporting the creation, the administration and the promotion of rural tourism initiative;

 To create a dossier which contains a set of guidelines and tools for local heritage promotion and local rural tourism product development;

 To foster an islands networking and participation through of new partnership at different levels.

The non-formal approach, includes methods such as group discussions, round tables, simulations,and activities stimulating creativity and participation; it has been planned in order to provide comfortable, interesting and effective working and leisure atmosphere. During the seminar there will be some excursions and outdoor activities that will complete the training part.

The main idea is to involve only islands to create a network of associations and young people who work for and for young people on the islands.

During 6 days, on 11-17 December 2019, in Cagliari,

Italy, youth workers develop and share a set of tools, best practices and innovative models of youth work for facilitating the development of sustainable tourism in rural areas, by fostering a

community involvement (with various degrees of experience, professional and educational background) and underlining methods and techniques to raise the level of awareness in European

countries towards a more inclusive society.


Each country should be represented by 2 YOUTH WORKERS and only Malta by 3. They should be:

 Face social, economic or geographic hardship;

 Capable to communicate in English;

 Has strong interest and experience in the topic;

 Available for entire project period;

 Able to share best practices and tools during the seminar;

 Good knowledge of the topic of the project.


The seminar will be hosted in Cagliari from 11th to 17th of December 2019, please notice:

11th of December is arrival day

17th of December is departure day

To facilitate the communication between all, we have created the “A Green Path (4) Youth: a network among islands” Facebook group. Please add yourself to the group through the following



Marina Patteri (President and project coordinator): +39 3406719549

Antonio Martis (Trainer): +39 3477478918

Gaia Piras (Support staff and facilitator): +39 3487284086

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