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Promoting the taste for art and developing heritage awareness in Henrique and Francisco Franco Museu

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Our team together with our dear friend and artist Jose Zyberchema, visited the Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum this week, and we were delighted with the work of these two artists. We had the opportunity to see '' Dias de sol e chuva '' ehxibiton by Graca Berimbau, that means ''days of sun and rain'', too. Wonderful space and easy to navigate presenting an extensive art. In 'Days of Sun and Rain', Graça Berimbau brings to the small temporary exhibition room of the Henrique and Francisco Franco Museum the replacement of a 2008 installation, reconfiguring it in this space.

You will be able to see, distributed on the walls and among the pieces by Henrique and Francisco Franco, a set of photographs taken this year that result from planned or random encounters with women residing in different places in the Region.

Graça Berimbau was born in Funchal in July 1966. Graduated in Plastic Arts / Painting by ISAPM / UMa, she teaches visual arts at Escola Secundária de Francisco Franco.She has been participating in public art interventions, pedagogical and artistic actions in Schools of the Region and other institutions and co-organized collective exhibitions of Plastic Arts. This museum is dedicated to the study, conservation, presentation and dissemination of the work of Madeiran artists Henrique and Francisco Franco.

The Henrique e Francisco Franco Museum is dedicated to the work of the brothers Henrique and Francisco Franco, born on the island of Madeira and active participants in Portuguese modernity.

It houses a vast collection of works by these two brothers, from the works of youth to the period of creative maturity. From Henrique Franco (painter, 1883-1961) the visitor can find oil paintings, drawings, prints and small frescoes, and from Francisco Franco (sculptor, 1885-1955) sculptures, drawings and prints.

Betting on the rotation of the collection through medium or long-term exhibitions, the museum offers the possibility to observe the paths taken by these two great artists.

The museum has an educational service aimed at promoting the collection and its artists, promoting the taste for art, developing heritage awareness and promoting the encounter between the object / exhibition and the observer through guided tours, activities thematic and plastic expression workshops.

A must see! Adress:Rua João de Deus 13, 9050-027 Funchal Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:30

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