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’’Studio Souvenir’’ exploring the art of Madeira

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Ten ambitious promising students from Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands are starting their own project supported by their university. Very enthusiastic group of 3rd year students made plans to make their own education. They decided to do this in Madeira , Portugal.During a period of five months they will organize their own full-time curriculum. They've been working hard for this since last year.Making a complete course with a week planning, a course content, list of teachers and assessment criteria, says their programmer manager Janneke Schreuder MSc.

Through their own design they create a program outside of the academic institution to determine our own education by Developing alternative teaching and learning methodologies. They are taking initiative over their own learning , to explore themselves as artist , designers and researchers. ARTE.M Cultural and artistic association invited them on a friday meeting (18.09.2020) in International Art Center Caravel on Madeira Island , to meet our hosts, volunteers and artists.We had conversation about theirs, our plans and future collaborations.

Our friendly artsy meeting


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