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Why to choose kombucha?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Even though this fantastic drink has been produced for over 2000 years, only in the recent times became popular in Europe, especially on Madeira island.

In general, kombucha is a drink obtained by fermentation of sweetened green or black tea. In the process of fermentation many beneficial compounds are being formed, and the tea itself already has some interesting components with health benefits.

In our artsy food project "Art Food Corner Madeira" , we started producing homemade kombucha.

And all of this started with the help of our friends – digital nomads of Madeira!

Besides our fermenting symbiotic culture Vasia (Russian: Вася), digital nomads kindly offered us their Scooby! Thank you for that!

Kombucha has a slightly sweet and sour flavour. Most of the sugars in the process of fermentation are turned into byproducts good for us. Such byproducts are probiotics, B group vitamins and vitamin C. In addition, the teas contain good amount of antioxidants.

After the first fermentation, which usually lasts for a week, a second fermentation may occur. This happens when fruit is been added to the kombucha.

The drink is served cold, over few ice cubes. It is refreshing and great for hot summer days.

Marija Trifunovska , art food expert

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