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BEING SOCIAL IN GREECE.Our PORTUGUESE team has just returned from the Erasmus youth exchange.

Probably few of the young portuguese can boast that they managed to work in a distant Greek village. Just not our team.

Granitsa, Evrytania, Greece on the 2-9 May 2022 youth exchange "Be social. Done

A week of hard teamwork, leadership testing and socialization organized by I Participate amazing and very professional NGO team from Greece .

Miguel Pereira

"One of the main things to me was to know others reality´s/cultures and understanding how social problems murge between different countries. Also my goals was to improve my English, meet new people and learn more about myself" Future:

"One of the things i learned during the project was to be more active, i understood that isn´t enough to just identify social problems the main thing is to take action trying to find a way to solve them. Additionally, i learned some soft skills that i´m already applying on daily bases either socially and professionally that are helping me being closer to the best version of myself"

Steve Ferreira

"For me the youth exchange was a truly life changing moment, arriving in Granitsa, Greece, I

though it was an amazing back drop for the experience I was about to live, I had high hopes for it, from knowing new people to learning the ins and outs of social entrepreneurship, tasting Greek culture, by knowing locals, hiking’s and even the food, that I can tell you, was very good!

The truth is that the experience was exactly this and more, I saw myself knowing very

interesting people, from every corner of Europe, with so many different ages and backgrounds,it’s a very enriching experience, seeing people 5 year younger than me with so much to offer, people that really show you that you can in fact make your dreams come true, and even if you don’t know your true way, the environment in every activity and game we did, really help me find myself or affirm some things I already wanted.

Besides working every day, we still had plenty of time to party I know every individual, and

creating good moments through dances, food and of course also a little homemade tsipouro (its really strong). The locals were very cool, even not know good english we still were very welcome and we always made yourselves understood. We hiked with a local guide that sawn us very nice viewpoints and even invited us in his house.

My name is Steve and, in my opinion, this should be a must do experience for everyone

looking to learn and travel at the same time, the process is easy and mostly free, so I ask you

to try it.

Francisco Fernandes I was mainingly looking for new inputs from people with different cultural and social backgrounds and hopefully learn new tools that I could bring back home that would help me not only in my personal/professional life but also would help me in delivering this information to others so that we can move forward towards a more comprehensive and cohesive society, that priorities collectivity over individuality.


Aside from talking and sharing what I have learned with other people in casual conversations I’m thinking about creating an actual project that can create awareness and give tools for people to better understand and engage with topics like emotional intelligence, social awareness, social entrepreneurship, individual concept of success and empathy.

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