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Celebrating Chiara's Journey from Business School in Nîmes, France to Erasmus+ internship in Funchal

In our ARThub’s artistic community of Madeira, we had the pleasure of hosting an exceptional intern from EGC Nîmes, a business school in France.

Chiara is a very talented and charismatic girl who left a positive mark on our gallery, art center, shop, and art hub during her time with us. From her sense of humor to her intelligence, she quickly became an integral part of our team.

Today, we are saying goodbye to Chiara and wish her all the success as she continues on her journey to follow her dreams.

Our French intern joined us in April with diverse skills, mostly in business administration and social media marketing. She effortlessly took on numerous tasks and responsibilities, proving herself to be a true asset to our association and Art Center. Whether she was managing social media platforms, recording TikTok videos, or engaging with visitors at the gallery, she consistently showcased her remarkable abilities.

One of Chiara's favorite tasks was welcoming visitors to our gallery. Her interesting personality, coupled with her natural curiosity, allowed her to connect with people.

With her wit and charm, she often playfully asked visitors if they were French, :D forging an instant bond. And, she always guessed right!

It wasn't just her professional skills that made our beautiful intern special; she also had an uncanny knack for finding the most delicious croissants in Funchal. As a French girl, her passion for these delights from her homeland led her on a quest to discover the perfect croissant. After numerous tastings and recommendations from locals, she discovered a hidden gem that satisfied her cravings.

You should ask us on your next visit to our gallery, and we will tell you where the secret place is!

As her two-and-a-half-month-long internship came to an end, our association and center couldn't help but feel a sense of loss.

We will miss you Chiara, but we are also thrilled to see you move forward in pursuit of your dreams.

We will always cherish the memories we created together and your beautiful face will be all over our Instagram feed in the future as well!

In the following few lines, we will share Chiara’s thoughts about her time spent in our gallery and on Madeira in general.

I had the chance to stay on Madeira Island for 2 and a half months for an internship in communication at Art Center Caravel in Funchal.

More than a professional experience, I can qualify it as a life step in my life.

Thanks to ARTE.M, I met a lot of different and unique people from all around the world and that is what I am the most grateful for. Just talking with them made me more open-minded than before coming here, and I also realized that there are so many different lifestyles depending on the culture.

Spending time at the gallery helped me to grow up; being very shy, I had to talk with people and I figured out that I somehow appreciate it, if you told me this 6 months ago I would’ve not believe you.

I also had the opportunity to be closer to art, being in a business school I cared about content on social media and for the blog, but I also made research about the art market and learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before, going on websites that Svetlana recommended to me.

During my free days, I explored the island, and I can describe it as a gift from nature. You want beach? you have it. You want waterfalls? you have it. You want forests? you have it. And I will not say everything because the list is too big.

I think Seixal is my favorite place here. The black sand, the beach, the waterfalls, and the contrast between blue and green is insanely beautiful and feels unreal. I also like the Fanal forest, where cows are free, you can walk and hike here and going there when the weather is cloudy is fantastic.

I like the “old” Funchal, so peaceful and local… but, my favorite place there is Bananas, where the Nikita drink is so good !!! I used to come there with my friends and have good memories.

So this experience was literally one of the bests of my life, I don’t want to leave, I met very good friends, discovered an incredible island, learned about art, got new communication skills, and, evolved. I am more confident and less shy, and I really want to travel more and meet people who don’t have the same life as me, that was the first experience of a long list.

And I am so happy to have been able to live this at 19. I will come back to Madeira for sure.

Our ARThub Madeira was fortunate to have hosted an intern with huge potential and the ability to adapt and gain knowledge fast. She brought joy and creativity to our artsy place. We extend our best wishes to her as she continues on a new chapter in her life, knowing that her future holds limitless opportunities, and she is only nineteen.

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