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Exhibition "Das Máscaras"- Sara Santos at Art Center Caravel, Funchal.Madeira island

Updated: Sep 22, 2020



24.06.2020 - 01.08. 2020

“It is a Joke to everyone … this Carnival. I refuse to wear a mask. I am healthy”

Sara Santos, artist, Madeira Island, Portugal

We are afraid, we will no longer recognize the world we are used to. We don't know how to live today and what to expect in the future.

This is the most frequent question now, and people who speak the language of art, are also trying to find an answer to it.

And we started our period after the quarantine with this exhibition.

… Famous personalities, politicians, those who are heard and the people around us. Our friends, teachers, artisans, administrators. People with whom we met easily exchanged kisses and drank coffee without fear of being condemned for disturbing public order or receiving a terrible disease.

Working during a strict quarantine, Sara Santos did not stop, she did not despair, she created portraits in masks.

“I live in the present, respecting the decision of each one. At a professional level, everything stopped, we stopped billing and as such it brought consequences that not even the government managed to get around the situation. We are millions waiting for financial aid that we don't know if we will ever get. The current system will not be sustainable. What we saw was total control, taking away True Freedom. Mandatory does not deal with benefits. The Mask is a False Security, it doesn't actually protect us”

Sara Santos

People represented in masks

The Madeirans:

Miguel Albuquerque, Ireneu Cabral Barreto, Cristiano Ronaldo, Victor Spínola Freitas, Élvio Sousa, Rubina Leal, Ricardo Franco, Paulo Cafôfo, José Manuel Rodrigues, Pedro Calado, Jaime Filipe Ramos, Pedro Miguel Câmara Ramos , Adolfo De Freitas Brazão, Miguel Silva Gouveia, Alberto João Jardim, Eduardo Jesus¸ Pedro Coelho, Carlos Gonçalves, Catarina Gonçalves, Sónia Conceição Gomes, Sara Freitas Faria, Paulo César Gomes Brás, Karen Bradtke , Carolina Valéria Santos, Duarte Nuno Sousa Gama, Teresa Ferreira, Fátima Aveiro, Filipe Gonçalves , Artur Bazenga Marques, Leonilde Cassiano, Ysabel Dantas, Alberto Silva, Norberto Joel Fernandes Ornelas, Claudia Jardim Freitas, Alexandre Branco, Dário F. Silva, São Gonçalves, Susana De Figueiredo, João Espírito Santo, Rita Rodrigues , Patrícia Pinto, Emanuel Bento Gomes, Sveta Azernikova, Georgina Nunes, Betty Rodrigues , DJ Oxy Romano Faria , Esmeralda Lourenço, Madalena Nunes, Luís Nuno Moniz, Ricardo Velosa, Isabel Saraiva Perry Câmara, Carlos Pereira Nene, Alcino Rodrigues Ferreira, Marco Sousa, António Barroso Cruz, Cristina Pereira, Tomás Pereira, Carlos Rodrigues, Luz Henriques, Valentina Jesus, Silvano Rodrigues, Telmo Ferreira, Henrique Amoedo, Idalina Perestrelo Luís, Inês Jesus, Vanessa Câmara, Lilia Mata, Agostinho da Silva, José Zyberchema, David Francisco, António Padeiro, Ricardo Miguel Oliveira¸ Dom Nuno Brás da Silva Martins¸ Pedro Quintas, Joaquim SABINO¸ Oksana Sukhonosova, Júlio Silva Castro…


Luís Camões, Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo De Sousa, António Luís Santos Da Costa, Filipe Duarte, Luís Sepúlveda, Mário Centeno, Graça Freitas, Marta Temido, António Manuel De Oliveira Guterres, Ferro Rodrigues, Pedro Lima

Politicians and famous people at the international level:

Jesus Christ, Pope Francis, Winston Churchill, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, QUEEN Elizabeth II, Charles Prince of Wales , Angela Merkel, Sergio Mattarella, King of Spain Felipe VI, Prince Albert II, Catherine Calderwood, Prince Carlos, Christine Lagarde, Pedro Sánchez , Emmanuel Macron, Boris Johnson

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