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MICAELA MARTINEZ unveils 'Mollis - Sobre Pressão': A Young Artist's Journey into Identity

From 16 February, with the formal opening slated for 6pm, the exhibition 'Mollis - Sobre Pressão' will be on display at the Art Center Caravel gallery in Funchal's Old Town

Micaela Martinez, a 17-year-old artist hailing from Madeira, sets out to

"Dive into the depths of the search for identity in a world permeated by expectations and predefined labels" with her self-titled debut, with the intention of revealing the complexities of the question "who am I?"

The exhibition delves at the ongoing push to find clear explanations of Micaela Martinez disappearance on our own. Each piece reflects the way we have evolved into more complicated individuals, shedding the rigid, basic labels that formerly defined us and forcing us to fit into more restrictive categories as 'pampered' creatures.

Regarding the creative

As a kid, Micaela Martinez preferred to play with things she made out of paper and crayons rather as the more traditional plastic ones.

An artistic bent that, as she puts it, is "a crucial part" of who she is and has grown stronger with the years.

A young woman whose aspirations extend beyond the realm of painting and drawing, who discovered during her pandemic that art was more than just a passion, is now completing her degree in Visual Arts at Escola Francisco Franco. She had hoped that her work would encourage others to live more authentic lives and inspire them to do the same.

An initiative backed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program and ARTE.M - Associação Cultural e Artística da Madeira, the show will be held from 16 February to April 4.This is an important part of the two-year ArtLID project, which aims to support young artists from Madeira and Poland

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