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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Imagine you are creating a map of your city for your friends. Funchal as a capital of Madeira island.

They have never been here before, and your task is to show them the city as you love and know it. And you are not a professional tourist guide, but just a resident in love with your city. So, we started brainstorming, found points, developed a route, even drew exactly those Important places. But clearly something was missing. Here it is! There isn’t a compelling story, why I love Funchal, why these top places in Funchal are a must to visit.

Why you need to hurry up and watch all blue whale Murals by Marcos Milewski. Why is it necessary to wander along Santa Maria Street in the old area of ​​​​Funchal, where the most interactive art places in Funchal are, Where you can see Madeira artists and drink the best coffee in Funchal (tip: Art Food Corner). So, storytelling.

Storytelling, creative writing or just how to turn your map into Madeira's number 1 tourist guide.

That is why our creative team went to Romania to participate in the next step of the project...

8 people, including teachers, a professional story teller, social workers running their social media pages and working with young people. Three intensive days in the most beautiful city on the Black Sea coast. Constanta. City game, japanese tonka, storytelling letter on the beach.

And yes, upon our return, we held a brainstorming session for young residents and guests of our island. Now Funchal can be “discovered” with much more enjoyment. Our next project is in Sweden, hurry up if you are ready to go with our team, there are only a couple of places left.

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