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Updated OPEN CALL for training in Lithuania "Soft skills for better job opportunities"

Updated: Apr 11, 2022


Our skills - European future


With this project we aim

  • To raise awareness about the importance of soft skills

  • Understand how these skills with proper validation can contribute to better job opportunities

  • Make better use of soft skills

  • Equip young people with new skills

  • Help youngsters to find and create quality jobs and improve their life chances in their communities and countries.

Find out more about our partner MANO EUROPA, NGO, Based in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Looking for participants:

- Age: 18 - 25 years old

- First-job seekers, low-skilled, long-standing unemployed persons and unemployed youngsters who need help regarding the awareness and understanding of the importance of soft skills, and how these skills with proper validation can contribute to their job opportunities.

- Participants who have business ideas, but don't know how to put such ideas into practice.


Participants will be accommodated in rooms of 2-4 people with private bathroom.

Towels and bed sheets will be provided.


Covered by the host during the event.


- Reimbursement of travel distance will be calculated using the distance calculator. 820 euros for Madeira and 530 euros for Portugal.

- Participants will be eligible to get reimbursement

only if they provide original tickets, invoices, boarding passes and receipts.

- Participants must use public transport, economy class.

- TAXI will NOT be reimbursed in any circumestances!

- Please keep all your tickets and boarding passes as without them we can't reimburse you the money!

- After going back home you should send us original remaining boarding passes and any other documents from return journey by post to the organizer's address.

- The reimbursement will be done by bank transfer to the account of our partner NGO, after the project, once we receive the rest of the funds from the National Agency (usually within 3-6 months).

- Parnter NGO is in charge to distribute the reimbursement, send by organizer, to their participants.

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