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Madeira island through the eyes of the Ukranian art volunteer - Summer 2021.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The best decisions are spontaneous. Therefore, we decided to organize a trip around the island unexpectedly. We rented a car, packed our things and drove to the mountains for the whole day.

1. Camara de Lobos

Nice town with boats along the coast. The narrow streets are decorated with multiple handmade garlands from recycled materials.

Here we tried poncha in the bar, where little Cristiano Ronaldo loved to go to and enjoyed the beautiful view that Winston Churchill loved to paint so much.

2. Cabo Girao

We climbed the highest point of Cabo Girao and as it turned out, some fellows from our team are afraid of heights. But the view is so beautiful that fears recede. Through a glass platform you can see the ocean and rocks far below. An incredibly immersive experience.

3. Somewhere in the center of the mountains.

The roads in Madeira are incredibly steep and spiral upward. Driving on them is dangerous, but exciting. And at that very moment, when we were climbing through the clouds, we were covered with rain. Fifteen minutes ago, it was impossible to imagine such a downpour, because it was hot and sunny.

4. Mysterious forest

Through fog and streams of water we reached the mysterious forest. A very beautiful place with green grass and translucent trees in the fog. But the weather slightly interfered with our long contemplation of nature. After all, we were completely wet. Of course, this did not affect the good impression of this mysterious place.

5. Lunch

Soaked, we arrived at a restaurant, where we comfortably settled down by the fire. Naturally, the traditional espatada was prepared right in front of us. It was interesting how the vines were used to fix the meat and that is why there is a slight taste of wood. Delicious food, pleasant conversation and mountain views.

6. Seixal

The Seixal conquered me with a beautiful view of the black beach. Again, the weather was unfavourable for swimming, but the crystal clear water in the ocean, magnificent surrounding landscapes, panoramic views of the coast and the horizon can enchant anyone.

7. Porto Moniz

Here we turned to the natural pools. They arouse interest and delight not only with their natural beauty and uniqueness, but also with the excellent quality of related services.

Our day ended at Funchal beach with a glass of poncha and bolo de caco. We returned home happy, tired and ready for the next journey.

Elisabeth Den, volunteer for ARTE.M

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