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Cultivating Resilience in At-Risk Youth through Art and Mindfulness
Welcome to EmpowerCanvas,
a transformative initiative designed to empower at-risk youth through the creative fusion of art and mindfulness. Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (Project N. 2023-3-PT02-KA210-YOU-000176401), EmpowerCanvas is dedicated to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for young individuals facing various life challenges.
Our Mission
EmpowerCanvas aims to build resilience in youth by leveraging innovative tools and engaging activities, fostering a supportive space for personal growth and development. Our project encompasses a variety of components to support and inspire:

Online Platform

An interactive space offering resources, educational materials, and a supportive community for learning and growth.


Resilience Board Game

An educational and fun tool designed to teach essential life skills and promote resilient thinking.


Participatory Visits and Workshops

Hands-on experiences that boost self-confidence and enhance employability through real-world application.

Tailored Programs
Our partners are customizing the EmpowerCanvas framework to address the specific challenges faced by at-risk youth in their communities, ensuring each program is uniquely suited to help participants overcome personal hurdles and build resilience.
Creating a Board Game
We’re developing an engaging board game that teaches essential life skills. This game will help players navigate difficult situations, make positive decisions, and develop a resilient mindset—all while having fun!
Online Resources
Our comprehensive online platform will offer educational materials, interactive tools, and a supportive community space where youth can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.
Practical Activities
Hands-on workshops and participatory visits will provide real-world experience, helping youth apply what they've learned in practical settings, boosting their confidence and employability.
Testing Tools and Methods
We’re continuously refining our tools and methods to ensure effectiveness. By gathering feedback from participants, we can make improvements and tailor the program to better meet their needs.
Our Partners
Founded in 2021 in Erlangen, Germany, Highlights e.V. promotes mental health and well-being, particularly among socioeconomically disadvantaged youth, including migrants, refugees, and LGBTQ+ individuals. With a background in developing platforms for first- and second-generation migrants, Highlights aims to address post-pandemic mental health concerns and foster youth mobility and entrepreneurship.
TIR Consulting Group
Based in Croatia, TIR Consulting Group was founded to address the rise of knowledge societies in the 21st century. Committed to diversity, knowledge enhancement, and empowerment, TIR promotes a fairer society through reality checks, research, training, and resource management, focusing on youth development and leadership.
Highlights e.V.
Located in Madeira, Portugal, ARTE.M is a cultural and artistic association dedicated to enriching social culture through thought-provoking art experiences. By promoting intellectual inquiry, curiosity, and independent thinking, ARTE.M offers workshops, artist talks, and social initiatives aimed at inspiring cultural change and education.
How You Can Get Involved?
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