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Success of our last training in Hungary. We started to create a online course for young artists.

Our Portuguese team was part of the E-learning from A to Z training course cofounded by Erasmus + programme of the EU in Szeged, Hungary from 16th until 25th of October 2021.

The goal of this course was to increase the competencies of young people, and create an online course for e-learning by creating quality online materials. With this, we also make an impact and increase the possibilities of young people with fewer opportunities.

Main aspects of the course were:

- Learning how to build e-learning materials for young people.

- Guidance and counselling for young people in the online environment.

- Reaching young people who risk falling out of civic processes, and why we should care.

- Strategic planning for digital youth work.

- Storytelling for digital content.

- Sharing experience and platforms for learning.

Besides all the work, the participants had a chance to indulge in the delicious traditional Hungarian food, meet new international friends and their cultures, visit the city and hot springs, and finally have fun!

Our experience in three words: Lots of work, fun and goulash!


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