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„The City of Sugar” in the center of Funchal

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

In the center of the beautiful Funchal you will come across another of a series of museums dedicated to part of the history of this city. In addition, here is some information that will motivate you to further set up this museum.

The Museum A Cidade do Açúcar (The City of Sugar) was established by the City Hall of Funchal and opened to the public on October 12th 1996. It is located at Columbus Square, between the streets "Rua do Sabão" and "Rua João Esmeraldo", in the city’s historic center.

It is dedicated to the island’s sugar industry between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries, in a period known as the "white gold cycle", one of the greatest and most notorious times of the history and culture of Madeira Island.

The museum's collection gathers archaeological finds from the excavations carried out at the Columbus Square in 1989, where the old houses of the Flemish merchant João Esmeraldo once existed, having been demolished in 1876.

Special reference to the sculpture, jewelry and furniture collections, a heritage that reflects the economic power offered by the sugar cycle.

Our main goal is to introduce our visitors to the main historical testimony of the sugar production and technology, in one of the most significant economic cycles of the history of the archipelago.

Openning hours: 9:00h - 17:30h

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: Closed Adress:Praça do Colombo, nº5

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