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Unlocking Inner Strength: The Power of Art-our last activity in the project EMPOWER CANVAS

We have just finished our experiential workshop aimed at highlighting the theme In our journey to understand resilience, let's explore how art activities can empower at-risk youth to build inner strength.

30 young people had to answer the social media a risk or an advantage? "Dangers and Benefits of Social Media"

And we decided to use the collage technique, one of the most powerful and visual techniques in art therapy, in which you can comfortably work with groups of people for brainstorming to solve social or personal problems.

We decided explore how art activities can empower at-risk youth to build inner strength.

What it was like...

We have prepared materials: Paper, magazines, pencils, paints, glue, and any other art supplies you love.

We gave the materials to 4 groups and asked a question ... simple at first glance..."What is social media for you...a boon or a problem....."

And so we began our experiment

Exercise Start:

  1. Set the Scene: Close your eyes and think of a situation that's been on your mind. What burning question would you ask a wise Sage to help you unravel it? Write down this question.

  2. The Sage Speaks: Once your Sage collage is complete, place it on a wall or a flipchart where everyone can see.

  3. Imagine the Answer: Step into the shoes of someone seeking wisdom. How do you feel now that the Sage has provided insights into your question?

The results we all got together are impressive....

In defence of social media we received the following theses:

  • Easy communication at a distance

  • Huge socialisation

  • No communication boundaries

  • Highlighting beautiful moments in life

  • Opportunities to make new friends

  • Opportunity to buy online

  • Opportunities to visit the world's coolest art projects and watch concerts online.

  • Attend socially important events

  • Study online

But.... we're losing

  • Coincidental isolation

  • Lack of face-to-face communication

  • Dependence

  • Loss of identity

  • Risk of paedophilia

  • Fake news

  • Lack of real physical activity

  • "Unnecessity" of reading real books and visiting cultural evens "in person"

The outcome?

An apparently simple concept, yet immensely powerful in its ability to encourage open discussions about personal challenges and navigate them strategically, akin to a game of chess.

Whether it's grappling with lack of motivation, insecurity, fear of change, or the daunting prospect of emigration and isolation, these issues can find resolution through the transformative process of working with paper, magazines, paints, and glue. It may seem straightforward, but the depth of impact is profound.

Looking ahead, we're eager to explore various art techniques further. They offer us invaluable tools to confront and overcome obstacles, fostering deeper connections within our project and community through ongoing reflection and our blog.

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