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Young Portuguese in Lithuania

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Do you know how to say hello in Lithuanian????


Then you were a participant in youth exchange project “Our skills, European future” . It took place in a beautiful and historically rich Trakai region in Lithuania between 22-30th May, 2022.

The youth exchange involved youth not only from Portugal but also from other 5 European countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Ireland and Turkey) whose communities face issues of youth unemployment and lack of opportunities for non-formal education activities.

Therefore, the main goal of the project was to develop youth soft skills and to take initiative to enhance their employability in the labour market through self-development and entrepreneurship.

The project aimed to raise their awareness of the importance of soft skills and how these skills with proper validation can contribute to their job opportunities. make better use of the soft skills, to equip young people with the new skills that are needed, and to help them find and create quality jobs and improve their life chances in their communities and countries.

During the 7-day youth exchange participants boosted their soft skills and developed their entrepreneurship skill-set, as well as by working in the international groups developed business and start-up ideas based on the business canvas model. Additionally participants received know-how on how to write a business plan, how budgeting works and what all opportunities at home or internationally they can use to put their idea into action (i.e. get funding).


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