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"Art in the heart" and "Art Connect"

European Solidarity Corps projects “Art in the Heart” and "Art Connect" addresses the needs of several groups: first of all, the host association ARTE.M needs volunteers as a help to implement artistic projects, cultural educative events and promote the development of cultural education in Madeira, actualising the need of accepting art, self-expression as a part of life, the instrument of inclusion and social glue that has the ability to translate complicated concepts in a common language. 

The project also aims at giving the young population of Madeira more opportunities to participate in international educational events through their involvement in the activities of the volunteers on this island. Through this project, we expect to develop the capacity of ARTE.M and its role in the cultural movement in the local community, becoming more trusted as an institution that takes care of the educational and cultural needs of the society; we would also like to share our own experience with the young people that will become our volunteers so that they can increase their chances for better employment or even start their own artistic project.

Finally, we expect that this project will display the European Solidarity Corps as an opportunity for young people to receive knowledge, skills, and experience in mobilities around Europe. These efforts will be directed to the population of Madeira which is quite limited in our outreach to current cultural, educational or social trends in Europe. This project aims to help build a more integrated solidary young community on the island.

Our volunteers


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