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Mass media about ARTE.M

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

From the moment we were born, ARTE.M cultural and artistic association from Madeira island has been in the spotlight of Madeira Island journalists. We express our gratitude to our media partner newspaper "JM-Madeira" for the attention to us and support in our projects.

About our project "Art in Heart" and amazing wall painted by our volunteer Milena from Macedonia/ Read more about Milena .

Newspaper feature in Jornal da Madeira about us: the Erasmus+ training course Hire Me Online gathered 24 young people and youth workers from 8 countries in Madeira who want to explore the opportunities of an online career

Expressing our gratitude to Direção Regional de Juventude e Desporto which helped to organize the training course in Madeira/ October 2019.

We are humbled and grateful to be featured on RTP Madeira about our Erasmus+ training course Hire Me Online, on improving skills and gaining new knowledge for young people who want to get a remote/job online

An article about one of our many international trips to partners. This time Sardinia, project "A Green Path(4)Youth: A Network Among Islands. December 2019"

JM-Madeira about our second global project in Madeira "Art Connect" Program Supported by Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps.

During this project we host 4 volunteers from Ukraine, Macedonia and Armenia.

Our Veronika from Macedonia and Alecia from Ukraine

Principal art event prepared by ARTE.M volunteers for the Art Center Caravel.

"Scary" article in JM-Madeira about the most famous art project in Madeira Arte de Portas Abertas . Painted doors, of more than 200 art doors in the old area of Funchal, no more than 70% have been lost. The process of linking the interests of art and artists from Madeira with the municipality of Funchal in which our association plays a prominent role.

We host a charming group of Art residents from Holland. There is a reason to learn both for us and for the "Dutch"

News from our art volunteers, not a day without creating something new. A series of master classes from our artists

Our joint eco-art volunteer project with the crew of the French ship Kraken

JM Madeira from 6th of January, about our Ucranian folk art work shop and new Petrykivka mural in Funchal created by one of our Volounter

Call for ou training in Turkey, and results are here

Our huge and already famous project "My Soft City: From Flâneur to Entrepreneur" is in the spotlight of Madeira's media

Our fun artsy seminar...”Online entrepreneurship for associations” opened hearts for participants from Romania, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Macedonia

Can art silence guns? We do not know, the war in Ukraine was a shock, pain, fear for our team. What could we do here on the island? We organized a solidarity exhibition "Ucraine SOS"and managed to attract funds to help children who suffered as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Our latest creation, together with the beautiful young artists of Madeira.


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